Top 10 Fantasy Football 2012 Disappointments

Fantasy Football Picks’ Biggest Losers….Starting with Mike Vick

According to Eric Gargiulo: We past the halfway point of the fantasy football season and it is time to start calling people out. Those people are the highly ranked preseason players who have turned into huge disappointments and those arrogant experts who told you to pick them.

For many of us, your fantasy football season is made or broken on draft day. It is almost impossible to recover from a busted first or second-round draft pick. Those other players you passed up have gone on to either live up or exceed expectations. Your opponents got stronger as your team turned into a big fat bust. It’s time to call out those disappointments who have given you weeks of frustration and a stressful fantasy football season.

Some of Eric’s losers:
Michael Vick
LeSean McCoy
Cam Newton
Matt Forte

See the full shameful list here.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Fantasy Football 2012 Disappointments

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