Slow play will get you clubbed at this course in India

This guy, Milkha Singh, allegedly clobbered slow golfers from a flight ahead of him…

We’ve all been “peeved” by the slow play of the foursome in front of us… but apparently Milkha Singh, an old Olympian from India, got a little perturbed that the slow players were talking smack right back! Reports are that no less than 3 FIR Complaints were filed against Singh – also known as the “Flying Sikh” for taking his driver (and other clubs) out to beat on the players from the slower group. The jawing started around the 4th tee and continued up to the 16th tee when the blows started raining down…when those attacked started a counter-offensive.

Keep this in mind the next time you feel like driving a ball into the group playing ahead of you!

Read all the sordid details here!

This guy, Randeep Singh Nabha, member of The Flying Sikh Milkha Singh’s foursome, is allegedly one the recipients of the golf club counterattack

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